Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Positive Changes

I went back and forth about writing this post (partly because I’m not telling either of my jobs yet) but decided that I wanted to share my excitement with whoever reads my blog or happens to stumble upon it.

I’m moving to California! YAY. I won’t actually be moving until July but the decision has been made.

For those who knew my plan was originally to move to Chicago by August I’m just going to say that a part of me is sad because I will be putting that goal on hold for now. I’m praying often that God leads my path back to the city that I love so much. Until then I’m asking for support in the direction I’m headed and if you don’t have anything nice to say then, please, don’t say anything. This decision was hard for more reasons than just putting Chicago on hold, most importantly knowing that I’m going to be so far from my immediate family, especially my nephews.

I’m excited for a new chapter in my life and to rediscover California as an adult. I tend to get ahead of myself and I’m trying to stop myself from daydreaming too much about what awesomeness is ahead. I’m imaging long runs on the beach, cooking dinner with Mr. Scottie B., reconnecting with friends from my childhood, and discovering new music while I sit in traffic (one of my biggest cons on my California list was having to keep my car but I’m trying to think positive).

The actual move is a few months away but before I know it, it will be moving day. Each day I get a little more excited especially because I won’t be seeing Mr. SB until I move (if you don't know the story or haven't caught on...Mr. SB, my boyfriend, lives in California). Along with my feeling of excitement I’ve also had a flood of other emotions (I’m nervous, sad, anxious, happy) but I’m trying to stay grounded in God and seek Him out when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more about the move as it approaches. And for those friends in Boise I do think that my mom and I may take a detour on the drive/move and visit Idaho for a few days (I’ll keep you posted). Yay for positive changes!

PS. I know I don’t include my belief in God in a lot of my posts but I did mention it in this one. And I also know that a lot of my friends (and people for that matter) don’t have the same beliefs as me which is something I truly respect. We are a nation lucky to be able to practice and believe what we want in peace and I support that with all of my heart. Please be kind and respectful of my personal beliefs even if they are different from yours and I’ll continue to do the same.