Monday, July 25, 2011

She said I think I'll go to Boston

Well folks I fell in love with another American city, Boston. On Friday, I tagged alone with Dad and Mom to Boston. We drove to New Hampshire so Dad could pick up the stuff for his work and stayed the night there. We stayed in Concord and it was an adorable little town. On Saturday morning we all got up and ate at Dunkin Donuts (mom's fave). Then Dad drove to his work. Mom and I walked around downtown Concord. There was a small farmer's market, a few thrift stores, and a few little stores. It was awesome.

After our morning in Concord we drove to Boston. On Saturday we worked. Dad's company at a booth set up and we gave out samples. It was really hot but was in this great park. I'm kind of tired tonight so I'll give you the short version of the rest of the trip. On Sunday we went downtown and we... got coffee, went to the Cheer's bar, walked through the Commons, rode the T, shopped (including visiting Johnny Cupcakes), put our feet in the Atlantic ocean, walked through a very old graveyard, drove through tons of different neighborhoods, got cupcakes, and drank beer at an Irish pub in Cambridge.

The trip was so amazing. We didn't want to try to fit too much into one day and we didn't. We went with the flow with not much of a plan in mind, but did a ton of exploring. It was so much fun! I'm terribly in love with the city of Boston and would love to live there. The city is clean and so historic. I say all this but get me back in Chicago and I'll say the same thing. Mr. Scottie B. told me I'm ridiculous for wanting to live in all these different cities :)

Here are a ton of photos from our trip. Sorry I didn't link any of the stores, shops, or info. I'm tired and sick of being on the computer (edited photos for a while).

How was everyone else's weekend? What did you do?

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