Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm back from another magical weekend with Mr. Scottie B. We were kind of lazy all weekend :/ I guess that's just how some weekends go. Saturday we eventually headed downtown and went to The Skydeck. 103 floors up and I am afraid of heights (and I kind of have a fear of elevators). So I held Mr. SB's hand very tightly and when we got to the top and stepped out of the elevator, it was incredible. I am so glad we went. We could see the whole city and reminisced about each of our dates and memories. The weather was AMAZING, so after The Skydeck we ate dinner on the patio at Eatt

Then we jumped on a trolley and went to The Navy Pier. It was crowded and we got there just as the fireworks were starting. We wandered over to Oak Street Beach (I'm pretty sure that's the beach we were at, right Mr. SB?). We were unsure if we'd get in trouble for being there after dark, so we were kind of hidden behind a bush. Another couple walked onto the beach and didn't see us. I buried my head to keep from laughing since they were kissing (mature, I know). Then Mr. SB nudged me, I looked up and the gentleman got down on one knee and proposed! We clapped and congratulated them. It was so sweet. They told us they'd been together for two years and the beach was where they had their second date.

Sunday we went to church, had lunch with a friend, watched football, and napped (told you it was lazy). I had a hard time leaving this morning. Mr. SB and I only have three weekends left before he goes home to Cali. Here are photos from this weekend!

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