Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The start of a long distance relationship

Friday was Mr. Scottie B.'s last day in Chicago and then he headed home to California. Mom and I drove to base on Friday morning to watch him graduate. I'm not sure if I told him this, but I felt so proud. After we watched him graduate, we all went to Lake Forest to have brunch. Mom wasn't too embarrassing and it was fun. Then mom drove us to the airport. Mr. SB checked his bags and because he is military, they let me through security to see him off (this was very cool). So we spent the day at the airport just spending time together. 

Mr. Scottie B. and I drank wine at the airport bar and he gave me my birthday present. It is a gorgeous diamond owl necklace (first jewelery a boyfriend ever gave me). It is perfect, I'm in love with it. And after we had dinner at Macaroni Grill. About an hour before his plane was to board, I finally got upset. I cried a lot and probably looked like a crazy person. It was super tough to say goodbye. I had spent the whole week before feeling strong and positive, but when the time finally came for him to leave I feel like I finally broke.

So now I'm here in Madison and Mr. Scottie B. is back livin' in California. Originally the plan was I would visit at the end of December...but the tickets are so expensive. So, it looks like my first visit won't be till January (around Mr. SB's birthday). Two months and counting till I get to kiss that dude's face.

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  1. I found your blog through Sometimes Sweet :) I'm married to a Coast Guardian and we're currently living in two different States. I know how hard it is! Lots of luck to you two!