Monday, December 26, 2011

Ethan is 4!

Well technically his birthday is tomorrow. Last weekend he had a Chuck E. Cheese birthday. It was lots of fun. (side note: Chuck E. Cheese is a giant creepy mouse). Rachel made red velvet cupcakes, we ate pizza, and played lots of games. I think it was a successful birthday party. 

I would say that it seems strange that Ethan is already four, but that seems about right. I was so lucky to have been there when he was born (at the time I lived in Idaho and we were visiting Madison in hopes that he would be born around his due date). And since moving here I've gotten to watch him grow up and it's been wonderful. He's the coolest four year old I know (not that I know many).

Happy Birthday EthanE! I love you so much and am proud to be your aunt.

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