Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sigh. I’m sorry people who actually read this. I know I recently said that I wanted to start posting more often to the blog but then I started my second job. So, I’ve been busy and tired. My second job is going well. My new position is as a front desk agent for a hotel in Madison. I’m still working at US Bank full time and the hotel around three nights a week. I’ve been getting my body use to less sleep and staying up late (my nights at the hotel end after 11pm and then I have to be back at the other job by 8am). I guess these are my excuses for being lazy about posting to the blog.

Anyone who sent positive vibes and/or prayers for me about the search for a second job, thank you! I’m so thankful to have found a second job. This opportunity will help move me toward my goal of moving to Chicago (by August *fingers crossed*).

As for a long distance update, Mr. Scottie B. and I are doing well. Some days are harder than others and on the hard days I just long to be near him. I’m putting our trust in each other and God and still feel strongly that where we are is right.

The first weekend after I got back from my trip to California my nephew Jaxson had his first hair cut and I also babysat that weekend. I'm so happy to be around to watch these boys grow up. They're so sweet and very smart.

I'm looking forward to a good night sleep tonight. I'm gonna finish watching the newest episode of "The Office" and then going to bed. Anyone else watch The Office? What's going on with the looks between Jim and the new girl Kathy?

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