Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another update apologizing for falling behind!

So once again I've fallen behind with posting more often (even though I promised to update more). Now that I've deactivated my Facebook I would really like a place to post photos and keep anyone who cares up to date with my life!

Here are tons of photos from the last month or so.

This was a day in Chicago spent with Scottie B. exploring Chicago. We walked in the park, ate at Miller's Pub, went to House of Blues, and climbed to the top of a building somewhere downtown!

Spent the day at Wrigley Field watching the Dodgers unfortunately lose to the Cubs.

Easter was a beautiful day in Madison. The weather was perfect, my nephews looked adorable (and matched), and we celebrated with tons of family time.

A week ago my parents and I took Ethan to Henry Vilas Zoo here in Madison. It's a great little zoo and it's free, which is great! Then we celebrated our weekly tradition of FDF (family dinner Friday).

The past two months have been so positive. I've made so many trips to Chicago and explored the city that I'm hoping to move to someday (...soon) and spent a lot of time with my family and friends.

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