Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a Tuesday Night

It has been a long day. I'm not feeling well, so it's always kind of rough to be at work when I'm not feeling 100%. When I got off work I did still go to the gym and had a short work out. I just couldn't muster the energy to push myself hard.

I did get my replacement phone (finally filed a claim with insurance)! So I put tons of music on it and I'm so glad to have a properly functioning phone, yay!

I also wanted to say another quick congratulations to Miss Adriana for being a college graduate! We all knew you'd make it there!

I spent part of last night making treats for Mr. Scottie B. and putting together a little goodie package. Mom sent it for me today since I work during USPS hours.

Mom and I are watching The Biggest Loser currently and I think I'm going to try to catch up on sleep. Hopefully that will help me feel better. What remedies do you use to help cure the start of a cold?

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