Monday, May 16, 2011

weekend update.

This last weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday in Chicago, again. I took the early bus down to O'Hare airport and got checked in at my hotel. I met up with Mr. Scottie B. to explore the city. I think a great way to learn the city is to take Chicago Transit (and I think Mr. SB agrees), so we do our best to figure out a train or bus to where ever we are going.
On Saturday we went to a little Cafe (I can't remember what it was called!) and met with some of Scottie's friends for a coffee and food. I had a pretty great veggie sandwich. From there we went to The Vintage Bazaar and it was incredible. I had planned to take photos but once I was inside I completely forgot. I scored two skirts, a new overnight bag, a dress, some jewelry, a toy for Ethan, and a few little gifts from SB. Mr. Scottie B. bought this amazing Navy blanket (I didn't get a photo but I will). I'm so glad we made it the bazaar!

A little back story, the original reason I came into town this particular weekend was to see Four Year Strong, Bad Religion, and Rise Against. But silly me I waited too long to purchase tickets and it was too expensive by the time I looked at buying. But Mr. SB decided to change into his uniform (typed 'outfit' first then changed it ;) and see if we could score some tickets. So we left the The Vintage Bazaar and he changed (which was an adventure in the rain in itself, but I won't get into that now). When we got to Aragon Ballroom they informed us the show was sold out and there was nothing they could do. A gentleman overheard our dilemma and offered us two free tickets. We walked in with him and ended up with VIP tickets. How great, right? And after a generous stranger got us into the show, a lovely lady kept our bags for us behind the counter (benefits of Mr. SB being in his uniform I assume).

It was a pretty late night and I had planned to get up early to get back to Madison, but that didn't work out. So it ended up being early afternoon when I got back into town. I was in time to go to Lola's first birthday party and Ethan's soccer game. I got to hang out with Ethan for the afternoon and evening. He's such a smart kid, I'm so very proud to be his Aunt.

Here are photos from the weekend!

waiting for a train

a photo from the train platform,
Mr. Scottie B. looking like quite a hipsterboy
me (don't mind my red eyes. it was windy), and
our many bags we carried around all day

Mr. Scottie B. in his uniform

Showing off my anchor earrings that Mr. SB got for me

Happy Birthday Lola!

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