Monday, May 23, 2011

On a Sunday Afternoon...

After thinking that all week I would not be going to Chicago, I ended up there. I took the bus into the city (as usual). I met up Mr. Scottie B. and friends and we went to the White Sox game (vs. Dodgers). The Dodgers lost and I've officially decided that I am bad luck. The game was great. The weather was pretty nice and got a few free beers.

After the game we stopped at Starbucks to enjoy a coffee. We stop at Starbucks pretty often. Mr. Scottie B. and I really enjoy coffee and Starbucks normally has quality coffee.

We headed back downtown after the game and met up with Brooke (a lovely Navy Lady friend of Mr. SB's). We ate sushi (best idea ever) and Brooke climbed into a basket. It was fun. The boys then headed to Hubbard State Cigar and us girls went shopping. I decided to stay the night (which was not part of my original plan) and go to church in the morning with Mr. Scottie B. But I did not have anything to wear, so I had to buy a dress ;)

After trying on a million dresses I found one. We all met back up at the Navy Pier. The boys had cigars and wine. We sat by the lake and then walked the pier. We wandered through downtown and took the late train back to the base. I stayed at the Gateway Inn which is inexpensive and the rooms are always nice.

Here are a TON of photos from Saturday.

Sunday morning I got up and went to church on base. Mr. Scottie B. is part of the Navy Choir and had a solo during the service. He's quite talented and it was terrific. After, we took the train to Lake Forest. I've decided that it's the cutest little town ever. We ate brunch at South Gate Cafe. The food and mimosa's were delicious. We grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and then sat in the grass in the town courtyard. It was sunny and perfect out then suddenly there was a downpour. The rain drops were huge and we stood in the rain till I made us take cover to protect my camera and belongings. And as quickly as the rain started, it stopped. So we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through Lake Forest waiting for the train.

Mr. Scottie B. walked me to the blue line and then I headed home. It stormed on the bus ride home and I do not like storms.

Photos from Sunday

It was a wonderful weekend in Chicago. I had so much fun.

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