Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On a Monday Afternoon

So far this week...
I had a great day at work yesterday! I got so much done and felt so productive. After I got off work I was planning on going to the gym, but the weather was so great I couldn't go bring myself to go inside.

So my momma and I went on a great walk with the pups. The border collie is Dallas (yes for the Dallas Cowboys). She never has to be on a leash and is turning into quite a grumpy old lady, haha. But she's such an awesome dog. Molly is the yellow lab. She's quite large and a little over a year old. She always has so much energy and just wants everyone to love her. She's so good with Ethan and will let him climb all over her (he mostly puts her in headlocks, its hilarious).

I wore one of my new dresses from the Vintage Bazaar and mom took photos of me so I could show it off. It's actually just the tiniest bit big. But I think I'll find a great belt to wear with it and I may take it in a little bit. It's the perfect summer dress, I'm stoked!

The weather today was lovely (again). I had another great day at work (yay). I got back to the gym after being sick last week and it felt wonderful. I had an amazing work out. I made some dinner and now watching The Biggest Loser finale.

My goals for today was to get to the gym (check), clean out my closet (not tonight, dang), post to my blog (check :), and paint my nails (after I post this I will be). I feel good about what I got done today! What did you get accomplished today?

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