Wednesday, June 15, 2011


After getting back from my New York trip I had four days of work and then I took another weekend trip to Chicago :D

Originally my plan was to go down on Saturday with my parents. My dad had work there so I was just going to stay with them. But then Mr. Scottie B. didn't have plans Friday evening or Saturday morning and well, we hadn't seen each other in a few weeks. And I was excited to see him so... I took the bus Friday evening. I got into town and met up Mr. SB. We ate a late dinner, picked up some wine, and then had a wine & comedy night.

The next morning we got up and had kind of a lazy morning. We both finally got ready and as usual got some coffee. We made our way down to Millennium Park. After promising to post a picture of the awesome navy blanket Mr. SB scored at the Vintage Bazaar, I finally have a photo of it below. We drank some wine (and got told we couldn't) and Mr. Scottie B. played some lovely music. My parents got into town and went to the convention center to set up for my dad's work stuff. We met them there and dropped off our bags (and Mr. SB met my parents, yikes). Then we wandered around till they were done and met them for dinner. There is a photo of us at dinner and don't mind how terrible I look. Mr. SB and I walked like a million miles to the restaurant.

After dinner we ended up getting him a cigar and we went down to the Chicago Blues Festival. It was a little misty (no rain) and foggy, which was perfect. We finished our wine and enjoyed the music. We headed back to the base at a semi-reasonable hour (normally it's like 2 a.m.) and I stayed at the hotel on base.

In the morning we went to church on base. Then went to a church sponsored bbq of sorts off base. I met and chatted with a few new people, everyone I met was very friendly. The boys played flag football and it was a perfect afternoon. Mr. Scottie B. and I then walked to downtown Lake Bluff and went to Lake Bluff Brewing Company. I am not a huge fan of beer, but I'm always willing to drink it and try different brews (is that the right term?). We were both starving but it was Sunday and everything closed pretty early (or wasn't open at all). We realized after looking at the train schedule we would have to part ways in Lake Bluff. So I took the train back downtown and then out to the hotel (with my parents). I was so flippin' hungry, I ended up ordering room service.

On Monday I got up and realized my keys were in my parents car (I was planning on going back to Madison pretty early, but couldn't do that without my keys). So I ended up getting ready and going into the city. I wandered around and enjoyed the wonderful weather. I grabbed a sandwich and ate outside. I located a cupcake place and Starbucks and then ended up walking along Lake Shore to the convention center. It was a long walk but the weather was so nice and it seemed silly to take a cab. I ate a very quick dinner with my parents and I was on my way home.

Here are a TON of pictures from Chicago

This next weekend Mr. Scottie B. is coming to Madison. We are going to go a Mallard's game with my family and spend some time with Ethan (I'm thinking at the zoo)! Hope everyone is having a great start to the summer!

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