Saturday, June 25, 2011

Phone Photos

This is my weekend so far according to my phone. On Friday evening I went to FDF (family dinner friday) with Mom, Dad, and Ethan. Then I went out with Adriana and friends to a hookah bar. It was fun! Adriana and I played pool and I WON. Which is very rare because I'm terrible at pool (is the correct term billiards?)

I woke up pretty early this morning and hung out with Ethan for just a little while. Then I took off thrifting and shopping. I landed the most awesome vintage jeans (photo below). The jeans still have the original tags from (I believe) 1982. So I'm pretty sure they've never been worn, how freakin' amazing is that. Then I was searching for a new swim suit because I may be wearing one next weekend and... I found the greatest. It's red, white, and blue with stripes and polka dots. AND anchors :) which seemed very appropriate since Mr. Scottie B. is in the Navy.

After my shopping adventure Mom, Dad, Ethan, Jaxson, and I went on a picnic. I have actual photos from that and will post them later. Then a quick nap and swimming at Christi's work. There are photo's below of the pool area and it's AWESOME. There is a slide, ton's of water, and perfect for kids. Ethan wore me out running around and swimming for a few hours.

So I'm drinking some wine and gonna stay in for the night! Hope everyone's weekend is going just as awesomely as mine is!

Thrifted Jeans

The pool area

Ethan staying true to the blue // Jaxson's curly hair (adorable)


  1. I love camera photos!

    Looks like a lovely week-end dear :)

    Virginie ♥

  2. FDF sounds fun! :) and those jeans are super cute.