Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Here are a few of my favorites things right now!

*** I'm loving that
Danielle of Sometimes Sweet is having a Shoe Week Giveaway this week. Everyday she is having a giveaway for a different pair of shoes from Big Buddha. In general, I love Danielle's blog. She's the cutest mom and has the greatest weekly features (including tattoo Tuesdays). She makes me want to be a mom, I know I know...that's crazy talk. Anyway, this is today's shoe. They're adorable, right?

*** So if you've never been to cracked.com, you're missing out. It's one of my all time favorite websites. I mostly explore their articles, a few examples are 7 basic things you won't believe you're all doing wrong and 5 important people who were screwed out of history books. Check it out!

*** As most blogging and twitter ladies I just can't get enough of
hellogiggles. Every article and video is so great. Most of the ladies who write for the website I absolutely adore. This is where I discovered Marissa A. Ross and her wine times videos.

*** I can not get enough of a new drink I've been ordering from Starbucks. Now my drink order is always kind of ridiculous and I acknowledge that, but I enjoy it. And if I'm going to pay too much money for coffee, I am going to get what I like. So normally I get a grande iced no whip soy white (chocolate) mocha, woah I know. But recently I've been adding coconut to it and OH MAN! It's so sweet and summery and delicious.

*** My brother and sister-in-law went and had portraits done of my nephews. And I'm IN LOVE with this photo of Jaxson (ignore the watermark). I mean look at that curly hair and those blue eyes!!!

*** Another blog that I found recently is Work Your Closet. She's this wonderful young lady who inspires me to change up my look and showing me that I can recreate looks I like with items I already have!

Well Mr. Scottie B. isn't feeling well and I'm thinking that means I need to make him some treats to mail. So I'm going to explore some recipes on my fave blogs and see what I find. I also got in four miles at the gym tonight and it felt great! But now I am craving some ice cream and I do have some waffle cones. hmm, I may cave and have some tonight. shhh :)

What are some of your favorite things right now?

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