Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun and then a run

Last night I went out with Adriana and her friend Kelci. We went to the Nitty Gritty for cheap drinks! I hadn't seen Adriana in a while so it was nice to catch up. Then we went to The Vintage, which is probably my favorite bar in Madison. We laughed a lot and had a great time. Then a quick late night stop at Ians (Boise people, this stuff might be better than Pie Hole).

phone photos

So a quick update on my work outs and such. I will be doing the fort to base run in September with Mr. SB (I'm unsure if there's a site, so no link for now). The run is around 11.5 miles (or something like that) and that's kind of a lot for me. I started really enjoying running over the past six months or so, but never had any real goal in mind. I was just running at the gym as part of my work out. But once Mr. Scottie B. asked me to do the run I was like "yeah sure!" and then I was like "oh shit, that's a long run". So here's some things I've learned/been doing over the past two weeks to start to get ready.

-Focus on time, not distance: I read a lot on beginner's running articles/blogs and one thing I read over and over is that beginners make the mistake of focusing on miles ran vs. endurance. Which is definitely something I was doing. I would speed up and slow down and just hope to make it X amount of miles. But this last week I've covered my distance so I can't see it and focused on keeping a good pace for longer periods of time.

It's helped so much. My pace has been good and I've been accomplishing the amount of miles I would normally shoot for.

-Breathing: I never paid much attention to my breathing when I ran. I'd So this past week I've focused on not tensing up my jaw and just breathing normally. I've read that the whole 'in through your nose and out through your mouth' isn't for everyone. It's natural to breath through and out of both your mouth and nose. So I've been finding what's most comfortable for me.

-Water: I hate drinking water while I run. It's a little awkward if I don't slow down (I don't want to have to do that) and sometimes it resulted in me cramping up. But this week I've been setting marks for myself, taking at least one drinm of water every five (sometimes seven) minutes. It's been great too, I'm proud of myself)

That's pretty much it for now. I have been pretty sore, mostly my calves. Which is odd because I've never had my calves tense up or tighten before. So what I did do today is 'roll out' my calves. For those of you who have used foam rollers before, I'd love to hear your feedback, best workouts, or best stretches with them. For those who see them at the gym and feel confused (included a photo below if you don't know what I'm talking about), don't! Do a little research and try something new. Foam rollers are amazing. It's the first time I'd ever rolled out my calves and it was AMAZING. It helped so much.

Last random of the night is a few Boise blogs to follow or at least check out! First is my dear Boise friend April's newest blog Life As We Know It.... Her and her adorable bf recently found out their expecting. They are a rockin' couple and she's a great lady. And second is Brandy. Brandy was a fellow cheerleader in HS who was a few years older and wiser than me. She's taken her life adventure to LA temporarily and it's been inspiring to follow her story via twitter/blog. Check out her blog here and her twitter here!

What are some blogs you've been loving lately?

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  1. I love those foam rollers! I used to "roll out" pretty much my entire lower body (for me, my outer quads and glutes needed it the most!) And it really helps break up the calcium "deposits" if you will which causes the soreness.

    And thanks for the mention! You're such a doll!