Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Thoughts, Links, and Stuff

Just wanted to share a few links, thoughts, and such.

First is this awesome piece of street art in Madison (I usually pass it to and from work).

I've been listening to this song and this song on repeat for like a week.
And if you haven't watch THIS music video yet, you're missing out!

And I'm going to be honest with you guys... I've never actually been to a yoga class. I've done a few videos and when I was working out at the mixed martial arts studio in Boise it was incorporated into workouts. BUT never a straight up class. Tonight, I went.
I've talked about before that my gym is Gold's Gym. And they offer a few different classes. So when I went in today I talked to one of the friendly girlies at the front desk area. She encouraged me to go to any of them. She said I didn't need to bring anything and I wouldn't feel out of place. So there was a 5:15 yoga class. I ran a few miles and then went to the class. AND...it was awesome. I felt challenged and it was so good to really stretch again. I am stoked to go again. I'm thinking that depending on the times I may do an early morning yoga class and then run/strength training/normal workout after work. There is actually a few different classes I wanna try out! YAY.

One of my fave bloggers Elsie of A Beautiful Mess is starting to introduce the Autumn 2011 Collection for her store Red Velvet. Two dress in and I'm dying to get my hands on them already. On top of that, she's been featuring them in a "Three Ways to Wear It" feature to...well to show the different ways the dress(es) can be worn. SO great.

I'm trying to get motivated to muster the courage to get a tattoo. I have quite a strong fear of the pain of it all. I'm not too frightened by the idea that it's permanent. I'm okay with that. I'm just scared of the pain. I do think I'll do something small before my bigger ideas. But I'm LOVING this tattoo. Mr. Scottie B. if you're reading this, I LOVE THIS. So I've been looking at tattoos and reading stories and such to get inspiration and motivation.

(This is obviously not me and I apologize for the graphic nature of this photo, but this tattoo is SO lovely)

Another thought is that earlier today I found myself really annoyed with something silly. I won't share what it was, but let me tell you...it was ridiculous. After realizing that feeling the way I was feeling was so silly I said a quick prayer and asked God to help me keep things in perspective. So just a reminder to everyone to remember to let little things go and to always step back to look at things (big and small).

And lastly I wanted to share a blog real quick. Taking Two is the blog ran by a mom of two adopted boys from Ethiopia. She's actually taking a break from blogging but their story is worth reading (that's what the link will take you to). Adoption is something I feel called to do someday. And reading a few different blog moms who have or are adopting has given me more insight. It's been inspiring (I feel like I've used that word a lot this post). I applaud and admire those families who have adopted or fostered kids. I'd love to someday have the opportunity to do the same. But for now we'll have to wait and see what God has in store for me!

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