Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from another weekend with Mr. Scottie B. I picked up Mr. SB and friends in Kenosha and we made our way to Milwaukee for Rock the Lakes. The event was "a community-wide outreach event for youth and young families, featuring some of the most popular Christian bands and multiple presentations of the Gospel by Franklin Graham." (taken from their website). It was awesome. I also met Mr. SB's Aunt and Uncle (who were involved in the event) and that was fun.

The next day we drove back to Milwaukee and had lunch with his Aunt and Uncle. They are so nice and I enjoyed meeting them. We explored Milwaukee after lunch, which we haven't really done yet. We went to Comet Cafe for a drink and snack/cupcake. Then we walked around some more and ended up at Taylors! What a great name for a bar, am I right? :) We spent too long exploring and ended up not going back to Rock the Lakes. But overall it was such a great weekend!

And a quick review...
I'm pretty sure I mentioned in a previous post that I really hate bugs. Well Rock the Lakes was at the park right on the lake. I figured that by evening there would be quite a few mosquitoes and I did not want to get eaten alive (dramatic, I know). I also did not want to smell all gross like normal bug spray, so I bought Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellent. It smelled pretty good and I did not have one mosquito bite after applying it (I did get two before putting some on). It's a product that I would not hesitate to recommend as an alternative to products that use deet.

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  1. Ooh, good to know about the Burts Bees repellent!!

    And your bf is so super cute! Good catch, Taylor!