Monday, August 8, 2011

So I am finally catching up on photos and such. Last weekend Mr. SB came to Madison and we went to the Mallards game again. As usual we didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the game and in the middle Mr. SB and I walked over to the store. It was still fun. Afterwards we drove back to base and we spent the weekend around base and such. I failed at taking photos that weekend. I only caught these few.

This past weekend I drove down to Chicago on Saturday for 'just the day'. So I met up with Mr. Scottie B. and friends. We headed to Thai Uptown for food. It was a BYOB restaurant. I had never been to one before, it was awesome. So when we finished eating Mr. Scottie B. had a surprise for me. Now let me tell you, I hate surprises. So we jumped in a cab (which we never do) and we ended up at this little store. So we walk in and I'm still confused at why we're here and we walk over to this cuff bracelet. AHHH. A while back I tweeted that someone should buy it for me (found via this blog) and...sigh. Look blogreaders, my bf is so awesome. The cuff has an old map of Chicago on it. If you didn't know already, I love Chicago. And this city means a lot to me and it's where Mr. SB and I have spent a lot of time together. AMAZING.

So we met everyone back at the Tattoo Factory. Marissa got her belly button pierced and John got tattooed (sorry John, none of the photos I took came out well). We left John since it was going to be a while. We bought some more wine and the boys got cigars. Then we sat at the Navy Pier. I taught Marissa how to do a cartwheel and the day was also filled with lots of dancing. As usual, it was wonderful.

As expected I stayed on base and did not drive home. The next day Mr. Scottie B. and I went to church in the morning. We grabbed some lunch and went to Lake County Forest Preserve. So here's another confession, I HATE BUGS. I'm sure Mr. SB was so annoyed with me because I pretty much just complained the whole time that I was being eaten alive my bugs. I was right, I have like a million mosquito bites. But I was semi-tough and stuck around longer than I expected myself to.

We saw Crazy Stupid Love after our picnic. And then...I went home. I don't think either of us anticipated spending all weekend together, but I'm glad I did (I'm going to assume he was too). And I'm glad I got to see his mustache one last time because as of today, it's gone (for now). So here are photos from this weekend!

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