Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To the moon and back

Once again I fell behind with posting. It's hard to be motivated to get back onto a computer after work since I'm sitting in front of a computer all day. BUT I do like to update whoever is reading with photos and stories. So here it is!

This last Saturday actually started with a trip to Devil's Lake. But a quick story about my adventure with Mr. Scottie B. On Saturday I drove down to the base. Mr. SB and I just enjoyed each others company for the afternoon. Then we got ready and went into Chicago. Our night started (and ended) in Wrigleyville. We went to Slugger's Bar. Which we thought was a dueling piano bar but upon entering it was just a bar. I did do a little more research and it is a dueling piano bar, check out their website for the info. So we danced a little and had a few drinks. We decided to head downtown to meet up with a friend. But soon after a stop for a slice of pizza discovered Mr. SB's wallet was missing.

After searching for a while we determined it was officially lost. Which was extra sad because I had placed my license and debit card in his wallet also (so I wouldn't have to take my purse). So that was a mess but it seems as though we both have pretty much everything taken care of, we're just waiting on debit cards.

Even with the unfortunate loss of the wallet, it was another incredible and interesting trip :)

As I said the fam went to Devil's Lake on Saturday morning. It was Mom, Dad, Adam, Ethan, Jaxson, and me. The day was a little overcast but still a lot of fun. I forgot to mention the pups came with. Molly (the yellow lab) stayed in the water pretty much the whole time. She's kind of a terrible swimmer, which just meant it was entertaining haha. Dallas (the border collie) normally hates water but ventured in a few times. We were all very surprised.

The fam packed a lunch (I headed to the base). If you live in the Madison area this is definitely a place to visit. No boats allowed, pets in some areas, tons of shade, picnic tables, and the water is so clear. You can rent canoes, there are two different shores, and quite a few paths. Perfect for a family afternoon (or morning).

   Molly and Dallas

   Dallas and Molly circa June 2009. Crazy how big Molly is now!

   Of course my nephew found the biggest stick on the beach

So Sunday afternoon we all headed to watch Ethan play soccer. Watching three year olds play soccer is awesome. Ethan struggles with actually playing (at least while Mom, Dad, and I am there). Jaxson happily sat in his wagon and had a few snacks.

And finally I went out last night and hung out with Adriana. I hadn't seen her in a while and we got to see our friend Mike who is living in New York (again). It was a fun night full of lots of laughs.

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