Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well, I was posting pretty often and then...I went to the mall. I went to the mall like, SEVEN times in four days. I shopped till I dropped. I found a dress for the Navy Ball which is now only days away! And then I had to find shoes, jewelery, and a clutch. After buying my dress is when shopping seemed to take over my life, UGH. But after days of shopping I have ALMOST everything. I just need to go back and buy the bracelet and ring I saw.

Sorry to get all girl-y on you. I'm sure Mr. Scottie B. is so flippin' sick of hearing my talk about it all (thanks babe for putting up with me and my rambles).

More has happened besides all my shopping but I'm tired and don't want to bore you all. I'm going to finish this post, pour a small glass of wine, watch Parenthood, and go to bed! I REALLY want to wake up on time tomorrow! 

I'll end this post with a cute photo of Ethan from Sunday. He is wearing a shirt that I bought him and he loved :) I know that kid well.

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