Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Tuesday! It actually felt a lot like a Monday to me, since I didn't work yesterday. But I'm sitting here watching The Biggest Loser, so it must be Tuesday.

I drove to see Mr. SB on Saturday. We took the train into Chicago and ran into a few of Mr. Scottie B.'s friends. We sat with them on the train and they were both very nice dudes. After we got into the city we decided to go to Dick's Last Resort to eat. We were the only ones on the patio and our waiter kind of forgot about us. But it was still a lot of fun. After, we found a new cupcake place on State Street and got a red velvet cupcake. Mr. SB said he did not want one, but then ate some of mine :) I don't mind sharing though. We found ourselves at a neat little rooftop bar and had some wine. Then took the train to Wrigleyville and went to Sluggers. I mentioned Sluggers before (the weekend the wallet was lost). This time we ventured upstairs to the dueling piano part of the bar. It was awesome. We got there right as they started so we got in a few of our requests, which was fun. Then as we were leaving we discovered that the bar also has batting cages and arcade games! It's such a cool place with all sorts of fun options.

Sunday I woke up feeling sick. I ended up not going to church and rested all day (okay fine, I was lazy all day). I felt terrible that we spent the day being lazy, especially because it was SO nice outside. By the afternoon I showered and we went to Olive Garden for some dinner. Then to the movies for Moneyball. We both enjoyed the movie and I thought the acting was great.

I didn't head home till Monday. And now I have two weeks before I get to see Mr. SB again. But the next time I see him is for the Navy Ball :) I finally went out and looked at dresses with my mom. I sent photos to Mr. SB to get some feedback from the three I tried on...haven't heard back yet. haha. He must have had a busy day today. ((Hey Babe, I hope your day was awesome! I prayed for you today and can't wait to talk to you.))

Here are some photos from this weekend

As for today. Work was good and my workout was SO awesome. I'm hoping this sets the tone for the rest of my workouts this week! Also, for those who know April (even if you don't), her and her bf found out the gender of their baby. The pictures from the celebration are cute, check it out!

I was looking through some old photos tonight and thought I'd share these two. The first is Adam and me from The Wilcox's visit to Idaho back in 2009. The picture just instantly made me smile. The second picture is from last year at my old house (when Han and I were roommates). My hair is so light, should I go light again? It makes me want to color my hair. hmmmm :)

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week. It's already Tuesday!

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