Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This past weekend was super awesome. Mr. Scottie B. and I finally did pretty much all the Milwaukee things we always talked about. It's good we finally did because Mr. SB moves back to California in a week and a half! Crazy!

First we went to Milwaukee Art Museum. We got there in time to see the incredible building, walk around, and take part of a drop in tour. We ducked out early because we had booked a tour at the Lakefront Brewery.

So we headed to Lakefront Brewery. It was AWESOME. You get four free glasses of beer, the tour, and a pint glass (all for $7). I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good time...and a good beer.

Our final destination in Milwaukee (after some pizza) was the spy restaurant. We heard about it from a few people and knew you had to have a passcode to get in. I don't want to give out too much info, but I will tell you...sooo great. Look it up, get in, and have fun :)

Sunday was a little more low key. Church, BWW to watch football, get together with Mr. SB's class, and laid back evening watching Pan Am. It was hard to say goodbye Monday morning but I made it to work close to on time.

I didn't take a whole lot of photos and some didn't turn out super great, but here's what I got.

As for today, it was a gloomy here in Madison and I was actually kind of liking it. You'd think it'd make for a sad mood, but I was strangely optimistic. Like I said, Mr. SB leaves in a week and a half, but today I felt good about it. I had lots of positive thoughts about the new chapter starting for both of us (individually and together).

After Mr. Scottie B. leaves I'm planning on filling my weekends with a part time job. I think it'll give me the opportunity to save more money and maybe make a few more friends. I've got a list together of places I'm going to apply and I'm updating my resume. I'm telling you, I had a good day.

I'm gonna go make an egg sandwich for dinner and watch The Biggest Loser :) exciting stuff, I know! Hope everyone is having a good week.

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  1. I absolutely adore your blog, consider me a follower = ) and I live right by Lakefront Brewery! Strangely enough, I've never actually been there, but your photos look fun!