Thursday, January 26, 2012

California Part Two

California Part Two

Monday Mr. Scottie B. and I drove down from Ventura County to where I grew up. We got frozen yogurt and then drove to the house I grew up in. I didn’t cry quite like I thought I would. It was such a strange feeling being in the yard where I spent most of my childhood. The yard seemed so much bigger when I was a kid. It all pretty much looked the same. The house was painted and a few neighbors cleaned up their yards, but it was all so very familiar. Mr. SB held my hand and we knocked on the door. We asked the current owners if I could walk through the house, unfortunately he said no. But that’s okay; I probably would have said the same thing to some creeper asking to walk through my house.

We went to my grandma’s work and then headed to her house. We tried to find a few embarrassing photos of me as a kid, but didn’t. My grandma treated Mr. SB and me to sushi. We tried fried oysters, they were…decent. haha. Then Mr. SB went back home and I spent the next few days with my grandma. My dad surprised my grandma on Tuesday by showing up at her house. She was not expecting him to show up, it was fun. We went to lunch at Lazy Dog Café (adorable chain restaurant, btw) and then shopping. I got some awesome new pants, a few shirts, and a hot dress.

On Wednesday my dad and I spent the day together. We grabbed some breakfast and then went to Knotts Berry Farm. We didn’t actually go into the park but we walked through the shops outside the entrance and bought salt water taffy. As kids we spent a lot of time at Knotts Berry Farm. We had season passes and my dad would pick us up from school and take us for a few hours in the afternoon. It was awesome to be back at Knotts with my dad, very nostalgic. Then dad took me down to Hunington Beach. I don’t think he really wanted to drive all the way down there. But I was so thankful that he did. We walked down the pier and saw a ton of dolphins. I walked in the sand and then we went home.

Dad took me to LA to meet Mr. SB. He drove down after a few days of work and took me to meet his sister, Susie, and her boyfriend, Daniel. They were both so friendly and treated us to a very good dinner (I can’t remember the name of the restaurant). Then we went for a drink at Father’s Office. We had great conversation with amazing company.

Thursday we said goodbye to my grandma and dad, then headed BACK up to Oxnard. We stopped and ate at ZZYZX’s Café. The food was super good.Then Mr. SB worked that night and I watched the show Chopped (great show, btw). Mr. Scottie B.  picked me up and we went to his grandparent’s ranch house. Their house was absolutely beautiful. They were the sweetest grandparents and I was so happy that they busted out old photos from when they were close to our age. So many black and white photos seen and stories told. We ate red velvet cheesecake and sang Happy Birthday to Mr. Scottie B.

There is part two of three. Looks like it will be three parts. I remember at this point in the trip realizing that very soon I would be going back to Madison. I did my best to embrace each moment

And thank you for those who kept me in mind about my second job opportunity... I got the job! I officially have a second job. I'm so excited. I'll keep ya updated when I start next week. 

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  1. The guy wouldn't let you walk through the house?! I think that's nuts. I definitely would have let someone!