Sunday, May 15, 2011

In past updates I forgot to mention a few other awesome nights I've had here in Madison! I'm doing my best to embrace Madison as "my" city...but I never quite feel that way (yet). Boise will forever feel like my home and as many people know, I believe that I planted my roots in Boise. But for the time being I'm going to remember to be happy where I am, so here are a few Madison adventures.

The first is
Mifflin Block Party. It was held on April 30th and was pretty cr
azy. Adriana and I started drinking pretty early and had so much fun. I ended the night dancing my heart out and being so glad I had gone out.

Still being pretty new to Madison, there are a few places I'm still discovering. Most recently I've 'discovered' High Noon Saloon. The venue itself is great. It's set-up is two bars facing each other with plenty of open space for standing during shows.
The photos below are from a show for
Daniel and the Lion's release of their new album 'Sweet Teeth' (which I must say is so awesome). I also heard John Paul Roney and my heart melted. His voice is incredible and his love for music shines throughout his entire set. The opening band was Husband and Wife, who I chatted with (cool dudes) and they hooked me up with a CD!

I don't have any photos from a second show I attended, but I saw Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls. Their music is pretty 70s inspired and I really enjoyed it! I met with the band and their friends, which resulted in us hanging out with them after the show! They were all very nice guys and I enjoyed the night.

I do my best to be open to new music and respect all genres of music. Music is such an incredible and brave expression of ones self. It's sometimes hard for me to branch out of my normal music comfort zone (which is mostly pop-punk and hardcore), but I really think I'm doing better.

I did have another weekend in Chicago with Mr. Scottie B. and it was so awesome. I'll post photos and details tomorrow (since I'm running on about four hours of sleep and I'm quite tired).

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