Thursday, June 9, 2011


I've been quite busy. Our trip to New York and Philly was last weekend and it was such a great trip. I had so much fun and the trip went exactly as I had imagined. I have so many photos to go through, edit, and post. I would promise to do that by this weekend but....

We're heading to Chicago this weekend (told you I was busy)! We got home from our trip Monday, I work all week, and Saturday morning we leave for Chicago.

Some highlights of my trip were: Central Park twice, bubble tea, vintage dress find, sushi twice,dinner with my parents, not feeling lost, brunch by myself at a cafe, and wandering through the city like I lived there. We had wonderful weather the whole time we were there. The whole vacation was magical. We also went to Philly and I'll tell you more about that part of my trip when I post photos. I will say though that I was sadly disappointed with Philadelphia.

My week has been going by quite slowly and I'm sure it's because I get to see Mr. Scottie B. this weekend (I did not see him Memorial Day weekend, so its been a few weeks). He is having a frustrating week, so any prayers would be appreciated. I am going to bake him treats to hand deliver this weekend. So I've been browsing recipe blogs all morning.

I've been lazy about going to the gym this week. Although I did do a lot of walking on my trip and did go tk the gym at the hotel once. My goal for today is to workout (even if its a quick run outside and then a workout at home). I also have to tell everyone that I love the show "The Voice" (if you follow me on twitter you probably know this). I'm hoping to see my nephews soon since I havent seen them for over a week (possibly before my Chicago trip).

Well photos are coming soon, promise. Hope everyone's week is going well and continues to be positive.

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