Monday, July 18, 2011

The Truth

I'm going to be honest with you, I deactivated my Facebook because I was being a creep. I was looking through ex friends, current "friends", and ex-bfs thinking one of two things. Either, 'woah, I'm doing a lot better than this person' or 'this person is doing awesome and it's making me feel crappy about myself'. In the very short 80 days that I haven't had Facebook I've realized a few things.

First of all, I've really come to love that my path is different than everyone elses' and I've come to realize I can't compare my life path to theirs. I have to remind myself that I am living for God and living up to my own expectations. Now with saying that, I will say that I am still open to advice and guidance. But ultimately I live with my choices and decisions. But so are all those people on Facebook. They are living the way that is best for them (in their eyes) and who am I to tell them that's wrong...

And on that note, holy cow can I be judgmental. Recently I was talking with Mr. Scottie B. about a friend and he pointed out that I had said nothing but negative things to say about this person. And I was like, shit he's right. And it got me thinking about a lot of things, including why I disliked Facebook. A lot of my friends on Facebook were posting negative or depressing things and instead of being a concerned friend and asking how I can help or support them...I was hiding their posts and thinking "Their life isn't that bad, man up." (yes I really did think man up). And friends would post about their babies and I'd feel like 'I don't really care'. Man, what a terrible attitude to have. These are people I've known for years. People who helped me through hard times or maybe friends from HS who at least helped me through a few homework assignments. These are people who I share such awesome memories with and we've gone seperate ways but....

This is what Facebook is all about. It's about reconnecting with those old friends. It's about still caring about them and the lives they've created. It's about supporting each other and still having a place in your heart for these people.

When I first deleted my Facebook I remember saying "If any of them really care about what's going on in my life, they'll text or call". haha, what a b word I am. I still care about a lot of the people I had as friends on FB. And once in a while I will send them a text to say hi. But we're all busy and FB is an awesome place to catch up on each others lives it just takes less effort (which makes us all kind of lazy, meh. oh well).

This post is probably a hot mess of my thoughts but I think what I'm getting at is...
Maybe I'll get a facebook again. But hopefully this post will remind me to do the following.

*Be a positive light on Facebook. Lift friends up in times of need
*Remember that most of these people are true friends and do care about me
*If I don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all
*Babies are adorable and it's not their fault that their parents post things about them pooping (note: do not overshare, sometimes it's gross)
*Stop looking at certains peoples FBs. If you aren't their friend it's either because you don't know them in real life or they left your life for a good reason.
*If you look at a picture or see a post and have something nice to say, say it

So, don't judge me for caving and getting a FB again. And if you see me on twitter saying mean things about FB...remind me of this post!


  1. So true. I've had those same exact thoughts about people needing to "man up". Some people do tend to overshare, and to me sometimes it seems like people are just wanting attention. But I really like the fact you said that some people do that because they need to be loved or need someone to feel concerned for them. Thanks for helping ME adjust MY attitude about it!


  2. It's totally hard to be positive on Facebook sometimes!! I miss the good old days without all the cyberstalking.

  3. great post! I can totally relate to this. I'm way too judgmental of others on FB and it's not a good thing - it's not my place. I like the thought that we should use FB as a way to spread positive thoughts :)

  4. Thanks for comments! I did reactive my Facebook today. And its nice to know I'm not the only one who struggles with using Facebook for good/positivity!