Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ballet and Cupcakes

So yesterday my mom extended the invitation to attend Ethan's ballet "recital". My sister-in-law is super great about getting Ethan involved in all sorts of activities. I think the ballet class was great for him. Parents are only allowed to watch the first and last class and yesterday was the last. So Adam, Rachel, Mom, Christi, Jaxson, and I went to watch.

It was super cute. And for those who are thinking "the only boy in ballet?". My nephew is very much a boy still. First of all, he's quite the ladies man. Always hugging the girls. Also, when it was his turn to... (for lack of a better term) freestyle. He stomped around all sorts of boy style. So don't you worry. Plus, fuck you guys thinking that. Boys can do ballet, cheer, gymnastics, and anything else.

So I'm dying to make Mr. Scottie B.'s class cupcakes (or treats). Here's my dilemma. Let's go ahead and say I bake the cupcakes Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Then I see Mr. SB and deliver the treats. BUT he's not going to take them to class till Monday (or Tuesday).

So my concern is that the cupcakes will not be good by then, just not taste well. And if I do homemade frosting it will have dairy in it and will need to be refrigerated. So a few thoughts are I could send the frosting and Mr. SB can store it in a fridge and frost them himself but I was looking forward to decorating them. Or I could use store bought frosting but I really don't wanna have to do that :( Anybody have any ideas?

For now I'm trying out recipes. Last night I made these Strawberry Cupcakes. A few things I did differently. The recipe calls for the strawberries to be pureed in a food processor. But since I don't have one I just used a little bullet/blender (worked just fine). Also, didn't have whole milk... used whatever I had. And I used salted butter so I did not add salt. And to avoid the cupcakes being TOO sweet I did not add strawberries to the frosting.

The verdict was... delicious. I really liked the texture/consistency of the cupcake. But I do find that homemade cupcakes taste similar to muffins vs. the normal VERY sweet boxed mixes. I think next time I will try using cake flour, maybe that will help. hm. I think I want to try a few different recipes before I decide on what I'll bake for the class.

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