Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's been a while since I've spent a whole weekend in Madison. It was pretty awesome to spend the weekend with the family, but I missed Mr. Scottie B. very much. Well anyway, since I was in Madison, mom and I spent Sunday together. We went to church! Then...thrifting!!! We went to Stoughton, which is a little town about 30 minutes outside of Madison. We found an estate sale and went to Stoughton Antique Mall. The Antique Mall was three stories and full of so many awesome finds. Mom and I agree that sometimes stores/places like that just have SO much stuff. We ended up not buying anything but had so much fun looking through everything. We had a late lunch at The Egg and I (couldn't find their website). After lunch we went to Savers. It looks as though I may be attending the Navy Ball and so I've been looking for a formal dress while thrifting. The dress pictured below was an 80s style velvet dress with a very large bow on the back. It was kind of adorable, but...naw :) It was good fun though.

As for tonight I came home and had been motivated to make something. I decided to make Fried Apple Rings that I found via Food Coma. I'm trying to branch out from my normal baking. They turned out okay. They were not as crispy as I had thought they'd be, but still pretty delicious. I drizzled some honey on them and ate a few. yum. There is a few things I'd do differently next time, maybe thicker bread crumbs and a little more cinnamon.

As for my goals that I had set out in my past posts....
  • I did bake treats and send them off for Mr. SB today (actually mom mailed them since I was workin') 
  • Actually writing down my work out plan has been hit or miss, but I have been going to the gym 
  • I did not bake Ethan a treat but I did buy him two awesome books (one was Veggie Tales "Jesus made me special" and the other "I use to be the baby" about being the big brother now) 
  • I did read through my manual, but didn't get as much practice in prior to the party 
  • The Wrigley Field event sold out three minutes before I went to the website :( let's not talk about it 
  • I have been up on time for work 
  • And I have been thanking God for my blessings, but have needed Him for struggles a lot this week

I hope everyone is having a good week!

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