Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's midweek and I hope everyone is having an awesome week. I had a rough day being positive yesterday and I woke up today to the sweetest text from Mr. SB. So my day started out better and I had a more positive day. After work I met Mom, Dad, Jaxson, Ethan, Ben, Courtney, and Lola at the Monona Terrace. They have "Tunes on the Terrace" that is a free event every few weeks. We all went once before and it was a lot of fun. Tonight's music was 60's and 70's dance music. I spent a lot of time out side of the show playing with Ethan, which I was okay with :) He's such a smart guy, he impresses me each time I spend time with him. Here are a few photos from tonight.

Well I was thinking today of a few things I need/want to get done over the next week and a half or so. I thought I might be kept more accountable if I wrote them down here.

  • Bake treats and hand write a letter to Mr. Scottie B. and ACTUALLY mail them (sometimes before next Wednesday)
  • Write down a work out plan (I've just been going into the gym without a set routine and feeling unproductive)
  • Bake Ethan a special treat for Saturday (it's Jaxson's birthday and I don't want him to feel left out)
  • Sit down and read my camera's manual before Saturday to help me take better pictures for Jaxson's birthday
  • Buy tickets for the Wrigley Field event (I'm going to get us outfield seats, how awesome?)
  • Wake up in time to actually get ready for work the rest of the week and next
  • Remember to not just reach to God for my struggles, but to thank Him for my blessings also
I think that is all for now, hm. I may add a few goals to these. What are you goals for the next week? I'd love to hear them and help encourage you to meet them!

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  1. "Remember to not just reach to God for my struggles, but to thank Him for my blessings also"
    Been talking about this in small group...sometimes it really is so hard!