Monday, September 19, 2011

While editing photos I was thinking about how personal I want this blog to be. I mean I upload lots of photos of friends, family, and myself...but there is a lot that I leave out of my blog (emotions, struggles, and such). Well for now I am going to just give those reading an update about my weekend. I drove down to see Mr. SB on Friday night and we went out with friends. I will be honest and tell you that...I drank too much. I swore that I would never drink ever again (or until Saturday night at the wine bar). Aside from a drink or two too many, I had a fun night. I wasn't feeling 100% on Saturday so it resulted in a lazy day. Later in the afternoon, Mr. Scottie B. and I finally got ready and headed into Chicago :) We met up with Morgan and Nick at 694 Wine & Spirits. We drank some wine, ate delicious food, and enjoyed great company. Nick and Morgan are an adorable couple and so much fun. We always laugh a lot together. 

Sunday started with church. Mr. SB led worship on the piano and it was super awesome! After, we headed to Egg Harbor Cafe for brunch. Then Starbucks where Mr. SB had me watch two youtube videos (that I'm too lazy to link, but both were funny). After that we went to Bdubs to watch the Cowboys win! We had talked about going to see Lion King but the game was more exciting. We spent a little more time together after the game and then I headed back to Madison. 

(this was from last weekend, how cute is he?)

This next weekend I will not be seeing Mr. SB. It's Jaxson's first birthday party so I'm gonna stick close to home and spend time with family. Hope everyone's weekend was amazing also!

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