Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lazy Thursday

So. I was gonna go to the gym after work, just like I have all week. But I came home. So then I told myself that I'd change at home. Well I had a letter from Mr. SB waiting at home. sigh, he's so great. After I read the letter...I just did not feel like going to the gym. Then I realized an episode of Project Runway on that I hadn't seen yet.

Here I am, drinking lemonade and eating peanut m&ms and NOT going to the gym. I guess I'm giving myself the night off. I decided I'm gonna go tomorrow to make up for my laziness.

I thought I'd share a few links and such.

I stumbled upon this blog recently. It's this super cute LDS wife, who is pregnant. As someone who grew up in Idaho with lots of LDS friends, I think it's an interesting insight to a young blogging LDS hipster wife.

April posted a new photo of her belly! Gah, she's getting more beautiful with each day her belly grows. I can't wait till I get to visit Idaho and meet that baby.

I unfortunately did not make it to Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this last weekend. Mr. SB, a few friends, and I ran the Fort2Base race. It was 10 nautical miles (11.5 miles). It was awesome! I'm so thankful that Mr. Scottie B. encouraged me to do the race. My goal was to finish it and I did (with a pace of 11:12 minutes/mile). After the race we went to breakfast with friends and then I took a nap (Mr. SB went out with friends to watch sports). I met up after to watch sports and watch the Cowboys lose, dang it! But I wanted to link to A Beautiful Mess because she was there for Red Velvet and her blog is full of photos of Chicago.

And lastly, I WILL be making this to take with me on my weekend trip to see Mr. SB. I think it'll be the perfect breakfast snack to reheat. So I'm heading to see Mr. Scottie B. tomorrow. I see him pretty much every weekend, but when each weekend approaches I get butterflies thinking about getting to see him (this is where you all say "awww"). I wish I could introduce everyone I know to him, he's just so wonderful.

What is everyone's plans for the weekend? Exciting stuff I hope!

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