Wednesday, January 25, 2012

California Part One

After a pretty good night’s sleep, I’m feeling a little more refreshed. I did wake up later than my goal time of 6:15AM (about 25 minutes late), but I did get ready for work still. I’m trying to develop the habit of picking out an outfit for work and putting my gym bag together the night before work. That way I can actually make my bed, get ready, and not feel rushed.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m looking for a second job. So far I haven’t had much luck, mostly because of my own lack of ambition. I was having a hard time feeling comfortable interviewing for a job and then saying “By the way, I’m going to be gone for ten days”. So right before I left for my trip I interviewed at a hotel in Madison, it went well. Today I checked in with the manager and I have a second interview tomorrow. So, positive vibes or prayers are much appreciated.

California Part One

When I arrived in California I was nervous, excited, anxious, and all sorts of emotions. But as soon as I saw Mr. Scottie B. all of my emotions turned into happiness, just happiness. After spending two months skyping, texting, and talking on the phone, to finally see him…in person, right there…was so great.

We grabbed my luggage, got in his new car, and started to drive up Pacific Coast Highway. As I started to see familiar California stuff, I became quite obnoxious. haha. It went like this “awww, palm trees”, “awwww, Ralphs”, “awww, In-N-Out”, etc. This went on for about a day. It was just such a cool feeling to be in California. I grew up there and have a lot of family memories at these places. I know I claim Idaho as my home, since it’s where I feel like I established my roots. But California is also a part of childhood and life. Mr. SB stopped along PCH at a little beach and I got to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time in six years. The weather was warm and sunny, I could not have asked for a better first few hours in California.

Once we got to Ventura County, we went to In-N-Out. I ate a cheeseburger with no burger, French fries, and a chocolate shake (fun fact: on the day we first said “I love you” we were eating French fries and a chocolate shake). Then a quick trip to Trader Joe’s for wine and snacks. We attended Mr. SB’s college church group on Friday night. It was great to be back in church with Mr. SB, especially because the environment was so positive and inspiring. It was nice to have one of our first days together in California spent connecting with God.

Saturday we got ready and went to downtown (or was it called old town?) Ventura. We ate at Nature’s Grill, Mr. Scottie B. got ice cream, and we checked out some thrift stores. Then I, of course, had to change before meeting Mr. SB’s friend (quickest outfit change ever). Then we went to The Dugout to watch Tim Tebow kick ass…. Or so we thought. Mr. SB initiated a prayer circle and a few people Tebow’d for winning vibes, but the Denver Broncos still lost. But I had a great time meeting all of his friends. Everyone was very nice and lots of fun. There was talk of camping but unfortunately that didn’t work out (in case you didn’t know, I do not like camping. That unfortunately was sarcasm). But in all honesty, if we would have ended up camping I would have made the best of it. I know I would have been in great company and had fun. So for future reference, Mr. SB you CAN take me camping and I will only complain a little bit (I promise).

I was probably most nervous for Sunday. We went to Mr. SB’s church that he attended during high school. We met lots of people and he wore his uniform. He looked very handsome (as usual). Then… I met his parents DUN DUN DUNNN. His parents are so lovely. They are incredibly nice. I think it went well *crosses fingers*. After the nerve wrecking meeting, Mr. Scottie B. and I went to Santa Barbara and walked around State Street. We got coffee, ate dinner, and I bought a California shirt. Santa Barbra was a very fun, trendy little spot or at least the area we saw was.

That’s part one of three, I think. I might just do two parts, we’ll see. I failed at taking photos for the first few days. I was enjoying myself and still have a hard time not feeling silly taking out my huge camera to take photos. There are a lot more photos to come!

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